content marketing

Do you ever look through Facebook or Instagram and think: wow, all these companies use the same strategies and it makes their brand look cheap? You’re not alone. We’ve entered a world of personalization and a requirement to be extremely unique. This isn’t easy, and the numbers show the struggle.

Adobe recently released State of Creative and Marketing Collaborations which takes a peek at this serious issue by surveying of more than 1,000 North American marketers, creatives, advertising, etc.

According to this, creatives working on personalized campaigns are producing about 28 pieces of content per week. Any one of these can take up to 12 days to get to market. Impressive numbers, but still, marketers and advertisers feel like they could do even more.

As annoying as this phrase has gotten, content is king. But with brands’ need for super-personalization, creating content has gone into overdrive. Need has officially outpaced realistic operational and financial ability.

Companies need to realize a hard truth – they need to invest more into content creation. 33 percent said speed is a barrier, while 20 percent complained about cost.

Good news is this: Page Agency have incredible staff to aid in content creation, from digital, to social to just about anything else.

Let’s talk numbers

  • CEOs and CMOs are thinking that creatives need to step up their content game. Only 24 percent of advertising professionals believe their companies are truly putting in an effort to hyper-personalize their digital content.
  • About half of ad agencies, in-house marketers and brands themselves, believe that scale is an issue. They find it difficult to keep up, with need and keep quality at a premium.
  • Businesses that claim they are living in the digital age, about 59 percent, say they consistently outperform their competitors and are able to personalize extensively. Many of these companies also realize that hiring an ad agency also widely increases content production with high quality design and strategy.