CPG Brands lesson

Privacy, or lack thereof has become increasingly important consumers become increasingly savvy to just how much data is being shared. This has placed additional hurdles for advertisers in terms of targeting, measurement, and reporting. With Apple leading the way, it will become more difficult for marketers, agencies, and tech partners to get the metrics they need to make informed decisions.

Because Apple’s products are so popular, it’s probable that their attitude will become the industry standard, with people preferring more privacy when browsing the web. As a result, increasing adoption of increased privacy protections for other devices and platforms is expected over the coming years and marketers need to adjust. Data that digital advertisers relied on will have to be replaced and the landscape moving forward will certainly look different.

The impending depreciation of third-party cookies, I believe, will have a good impact on industry collaboration, with the open marketplace likely to band together to help bring plenty of things to market.