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10 Soft Skills AI Can’t Replace

In the era of rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we work. Copywriters were the first to take the hit, but AI continues its campaign of world domination, encroaching on media buyers, designers, and developers. The concern about the potential impact on job security is real! However, it’s important to recognize that there are certain soft skills that AI cannot replace – skills that are essential for success in the modern workplace. These soft skills are…

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AI in Advertising

The Transformative Role of AI in Creative Advertising and Media Buying

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and media buying, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer. AI technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, have revolutionized the way creative advertising campaigns are conceptualized, executed, and optimized. In this article, we will explore the transformative role of AI in creative advertising and media buying, and how it is reshaping the industry for the better. Enhancing Creative Processes with AI Traditionally, the creative process in advertising has…

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CPG Brands lesson

Advertising Privacy Moving Forward

Privacy, or lack thereof has become increasingly important consumers become increasingly savvy to just how much data is being shared. This has placed additional hurdles for advertisers in terms of targeting, measurement, and reporting. With Apple leading the way, it will become more difficult for marketers, agencies, and tech partners to get the metrics they need to make informed decisions. Because Apple’s products are so popular, it’s probable that their attitude will become the industry standard, with people preferring more…

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Holiday Page Agency

6 Holiday Ad Content Ideas

Gift Guides Almost EVERYONE has gifts to buy throughout the holiday season. The only big question is what the perfect gift actually consists of for a particular person. We all have trouble deciding on the perfect presents – this is where gift guides come in. If you’re a retailer, gift guides are the perfect value add for your customers. It provides them with ideas and promotes your products all at the same time. Seasonal Promotions Your customers are already out…

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content marketing

If Content is King, He’s A Demanding Ruler

Do you ever look through Facebook or Instagram and think: wow, all these companies use the same strategies and it makes their brand look cheap? You’re not alone. We’ve entered a world of personalization and a requirement to be extremely unique. This isn’t easy, and the numbers show the struggle. Adobe recently released State of Creative and Marketing Collaborations which takes a peek at this serious issue by surveying of more than 1,000 North American marketers, creatives, advertising, etc. According…

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Influencers fake followers

Fake News? What About Fake Followers?

Fake followers make it difficult to find reputable influencers to work with. 62 percent of  marketers want to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year alone. Doing influencer relationships create so many benefits for brands. Like more authentically reaching their target market that might not have been reached through other forms of advertising. And while platforms can certainly shut down these fake bots, brand and marketers need to reassess the influencer medium as a whole. First question: what is driving…

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graphic design

4 Graphic Design Trends that are Blowing Up

Art and graphic design is constantly evolving, and at a pretty fast pace. This time, what’s old came back around in a big way. From serif to gradients, Page Agency is going over the biggest graphic design trends that have hit in 2018. Gradients are back It wasn’t all too long ago when gradients were on the majority of “modern” designs. Were you even cool without one? But then 2015 came around and design got very flat. Brands hastily changed…

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ad fraud

Digital Ad Fraud: Bots Are Stealing Your Budget

A study from The Association of National Advertisers reports that only about 25% of your digital ad spend reaches real people. That means ad fraud by bots costs businesses $7 billion dollars annually. Page Agency is committed to eliminating wasteful digital ad spend. We’ve cut out many sites that were once called popular advertising spots in order to focus on reaching real people, rather than better looking numbers. High numbers have been able to distract businesses and agencies from the…

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Digital marketing

6 Traits You Need To Be A Digital Marketing Leader

There are certain traits that characterize leadership. Then there are some that characterize leadership within digital marketing. If you possess these five traits, you may have what it takes to be the big boss at your digital marketing agency or internal department. 1. Strong Business Sense A strong business acumen can be qualified through education, but more than likely it’s grown from professional experience. At a high level, digital marketing leaders need to understand not just marketing, but business as…

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Ad blockers Pge Agency

Can Brands Maneuver Around Ad Blockers?

Ad blockers. Doesn’t the term just make you want to shudder? Google’s announcement that the Chrome browser will be automatically blocking certain types of ads is tough news for brands and marketers alike. Google has been filtering out ads that don’t meet new criteria set out by the Coalition for Better Ads. Pop-ups, ugly sticky ads or flashing ads. Pretty much things that are extremely unsightly. (This applies to both desktop and android devices.) So this poses problems for companies…

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