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What Kind Of Ad Agency Is Right For You?

Ad agencies come in all shapes, sizes, friendliness and competency. Some are absolutely better than others. Not all agencies have the same processes or will handle your work the same way either. This makes it incredibly important to pick the agency that best fits you. General vs Specialized Picking between these agency types really depends on how much of your own marketing work you want to outsource. If you’re looking for great design work and not much else, talk with…

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3 Reasons Your Product Will Fail

It’s tougher than ever to introduce a new product or service into today’s market. Incredible competition and brilliant innovations create an environment that chews up and spits out anything imperfect or subpar. There are fewer problems to solve, there’s a distrust in bad branding and it’s harder and harder to think of something that’s truly original. If you can leap those hurdles, there are more obstacles still. Here are the three main reasons your new product or service could fail….

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4 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies (Ever)

I could have sworn that marketing wasn’t so complicated back in the day. Create a killer commercial. Make a radio ad that gets stuck in people’s heads. Cater to the top magazines when it makes sense.   But now we’ve got all these TV channels, billions of web pages and hundreds of thousands of “APPs” along with DMP’s, API’s and SDK’s. Did I lose you? Technology has definitely made marketing that much more difficult to understand.   What could once…

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The TV Ad Revolution

When the 3D TV revolution ended at the start of 2017, some were convinced it was all over for television. But the opposite happened. TV exploded. This is due to TV’s evolution into a performance-marketing channel. It has been pushed forward by technological advancements, more timely, accurate targeting and measurement, and the ability for advertisers to optimize TV campaigns just like they do with digital. So what’s next for TV and advertisers? TV isn’t dying – not even close. It…

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evolution of ad agencies

Ad Agencies Shouldn’t Feel Like War Zones

When did advertising become the overworked, stressed out, squeeze-every-drop-of-creative-juice-until-you’re-all-used-up career field that it currently seems to be? What happened to the old agency spirit that pioneered the way for successful and epic brands? Every moment was spent immersed in a cauldron of creation and ‘ideation’, carefully orchestrated by exceptional minds. Clients loved to visit ad agencies because they were a wonderland of possibilities and a factory for their visions and aspirations. It’s tough to come up with world-class ideas when…

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5 Best Types of Videos for Marketing Your Brand

Video works really well when it comes to your marketing efforts. Movement draws viewers in and usually keeps them around as well. The real question is how to make your video and what goes into it to make it successful. Pretty much: how do I make my videos not suck. We’re here to help. A sneak preview Sneak peeks or exciting announcements are always a good option for video marketing. Not only do they help you build excitement for your…

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Advertising team sport

Advertising is a Team Sport

In the world of advertising, it turns out that some people have better creative ideas than others. Who would have thought? But, at the end of the day, it takes a good team to bring a concept to life. That’s why it’s so important to be wary of who you’re working with. Who’s your boss? Do you fit in? Are your co-workers pushing you forward or holding you back? Ask yourself these questions wherever you end up – even if…

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CPG Brands lesson

4 Lessons We Learned From Big CPG Brands

We get it, you’re not Coke. That doesn’t mean you have to be boring and fade into the background. It’s often the smaller, challenger CPG brands that need to make the most noise to punch above their weight. As an advocate for our clients, we make sure our brand strategy is always innovative and intelligent. Here’s what we know:   There’s an art to building CPG brands Beyond targeting and media selection and cool campaigns, is something even more important….

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Creative lesson

5 Hard Lessons Every Creative Needs To Learn

One thing I really hate is being called out – especially in front of a group of people. Everyone feels awkward about it. I feel like a big, old screw-up. You’re likely going to face a stern talking to in the future too, because we’re all likely to face a stern talking to in the future. There is, however, a difference between big and small mistakes. Small mistakes may waste a day. Big mistakes can hurt your job, your client…

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Your social media ads suck

6 reasons your social media ads suck

Social media advertising is a fast paced game. The rules are always changing and if you don’t keep up, you end up looking foolish for everyone to see. Not to worry, however, because we’ve gathered the six most common reason why social media ads suck and what to do about it. You’re not posting enough There’s no setting and forgetting in social media. Content keeps on moving, and your post from last week is already lost in the depths of…

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