graphic design

Art and graphic design is constantly evolving, and at a pretty fast pace. This time, what’s old came back around in a big way. From serif to gradients, Page Agency is going over the biggest graphic design trends that have hit in 2018.

Gradients are back

It wasn’t all too long ago when gradients were on the majority of “modern” designs. Were you even cool without one? But then 2015 came around and design got very flat. Brands hastily changed up their logos, presentation headers and more to keep up with such a drastic, innovative change.

Now, as flat design is evolving to be a little less elitist, gradients are rearing their heads – and it’s a good look (see Instagram).

Flat Graphic Design meets shadowy depth

Part of the flat 2.0 evolution is the comeback of drop shadows – but not the way you knew them back in the day. They’re subtle, clean and cool, showing viewers a sort of hierarchy of visual element importance. Purists may hate it, but we think they’ll come around eventually, seeing as Google included them in their UI and other players are following suit.

Serifs get a foot up

Typography trends are definitely still big, bold and in your face. But there’s also a decorative trend coming about featuring serif fonts. These look great in minimalist space, as well as vintage inspired. Oh, and also paired with sans serifs (duh).

Pastels and neons

The 80s and 90s are well alive in today’s designs. Splashes of bright colors are popping up everywhere, especially partnered with bold fonts and geometric designs. It makes sense as the children of the 80s and 90s are now CEOs and influential people at big companies. Also with Instagram’s obsession with pastels, it’s no wonder that “millennial pink” is as viral as it is.