Email Marketing

Whether you require an ongoing email newsletter, e-vites for your next event, or a quick email blast, we’ve got you covered.

Our Approach:

  • We treat every email as a personal message that strengthens the bond between a brand and its audience.
  • By segmenting mailing lists and using predictive analytics, we develop email marketing campaigns that anticipate the needs of customers.
  • We build email campaigns on compelling offers that have a measurable impact on overall conversion rates.

Studies show that email is the preferred way to communicate with brands across almost every demographic. Email is also one of the most economical forms of marketing. There’s something about this combination that makes our clients and their customers very happy.

To keep this cycle of happiness going, we’re perfecting the art of email. We’ve discovered delightfully un-spammy ways to increase open rates and grow mailing lists. It all comes down to delivering emails that people actually want to read. Most importantly, every email we send is carefully crafted to increase conversion rates and fit within a robust marketing strategy.

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Big Drive

At Big Digi, we forge a unique partnership with each of our clients, learning the subtleties of their businesses and taking on their goals as our own for the long term. We are entrepreneurs, and are passionate about connecting our clients to their customers and growing their business.

Big Inspiration

At BigDigi, we get inspiration from the goals of our clients. We then use that inspiration to light a fire under our data and analysis. The result is a robust, focused concoction of calculation and creativity that packs a big punch.

Big Difference

We are absurdly full service. From Television to IT to ORM to strategy and messaging to car wraps to platform development and beyond, we are a different agency to each of our clients. We choose the tools we bring to each account rather than pushing a limited scope of services on every account we get. We are constantly adding to our skill set to add more value to each of our clients every day