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Digital Ad Fraud: Bots Are Stealing Your Budget

A study from The Association of National Advertisers reports that only about 25% of your digital ad spend reaches real people. That means ad fraud by bots costs businesses $7 billion dollars annually. Page Agency is committed to eliminating wasteful digital ad spend. We’ve cut out many sites that were once called popular advertising spots in order to focus on reaching real people, rather than better looking numbers. High numbers have been able to distract businesses and agencies from the…

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4 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies (Ever)

I could have sworn that marketing wasn’t so complicated back in the day. Create a killer commercial. Make a radio ad that gets stuck in people’s heads. Cater to the top magazines when it makes sense.   But now we’ve got all these TV channels, billions of web pages and hundreds of thousands of “APPs” along with DMP’s, API’s and SDK’s. Did I lose you? Technology has definitely made marketing that much more difficult to understand.   What could once…

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Mid roll ads

We’ll be right back after this commercial break

With the launch of mid-roll ads, Facebook looks a lot more like a futuristic TV channel than a social media platform. There’s less sharing how you feel and more paid content. Remember when your timeline was packed full of your friends’ status updates and the odd, blurry picture taken on someone’s flip phone? Yeah, me neither. Times sure have changed. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we catch anything original amidst a slew of sponsored content and branded videos.   However, change…

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