Video works really well when it comes to your marketing efforts. Movement draws viewers in and usually keeps them around as well. The real question is how to make your video and what goes into it to make it successful. Pretty much: how do I make my videos not suck. We’re here to help.

A sneak preview

Sneak peeks or exciting announcements are always a good option for video marketing. Not only do they help you build excitement for your newest developments, they’re highly shareable – people like the feeling of knowing something first, and will share it with their friends to show off. A good sneak preview gives viewers just enough to make them feel rewarded, but holds back the best parts to make them want more.

Q&A videos

Q&As and FAQs welcome newcomers, and they don’t take much prep work or production value. You’ll also have the benefit of engaging your audience directly. The goal here is to collect questions from your target audience and customers, then have a representative answer those questions in a point-blank and entertaining video.

Tutorial videos

Tutorials have been popular for years, and for good reason. People almost always search online for answers to their practical questions, from “how to check the oil in a car” to “how to impress a first date.” Written tutorials have SEO value, but now video tutorials are taking precedence. Consider walking your users through the steps of a process with a quick, few-minutes-long video. Not only does your brand show up as the problem solver, you may very end up stealing customers away from companies they were previously loyal to.


Testimonial videos probably won’t ever hurt your brand. Whether you film customers using your product and singing its praises or shoot businesses that you distribute and provide to, testimonial proof carries enormous value.

Live presentations

Live videos are cheap as heck and they’re growing in popularity. All you really need is your smartphone and to be present. If your company is already scheduled to do some kind of demo, plan to stream a live video of the event. Just make sure to announce the event in the weeks leading up to it, and make a push the day of the event to win over the last few stragglers.