CPG Brands lesson
We get it, you’re not Coke. That doesn’t mean you have to be boring and fade into the background. It’s often the smaller, challenger CPG brands that need to make the most noise to punch above their weight. As an advocate for our clients, we make sure our brand strategy is always innovative and intelligent. Here’s what we know: 

There’s an art to building CPG brands

Beyond targeting and media selection and cool campaigns, is something even more important. The glue that holds everything together. Your brand. Building your brand the right way will make all your other advertising efforts that much easier. It helps determine your voice, your overall design, even how you portray yourself on social media. Your branding should elicit an emotional response and connect with the consumer on a deep level. The rest is just support.  

Evolve with the consumer

“That’s how we’ve always done it” should be the last sentence heard from any CPG brands. If you’re stuck on a strategy that’s beginning to fail or are holding on to an old website from 2004, you’re in danger of fading out. Trends move faster than ever, and it’s all of our jobs to keep up. That means living in the customer’s world. Get on social media. Research trends. Always test and optimize. It’s a tough job, but we love doing it. 

Data helps you tell the right story

 We all hope our idea will be a big breakthrough for our client, but the only way to guarantee results is with testing and fine-tuning. Understanding proven tactics and tweaking them with our creative insights creates an almost foolproof strategy for CPG brands. If you’re not taking advantage of analytics, especially in social media and digital campaigns, chances are you’re telling the wrong story. And your brand might suffer for it.

Test, test and test again

 At this point I fear that I’m repeating myself. The point is that taking advantage of those fancy analytics only lets you know how your campaign did. Now what? You change something, but what was it that didn’t work? That’s where testing comes in. In its simplest form, AB testing, you’d roll out similar ads with changes between audience A and audience B. Do this enough times and you’ll slowly figure out what works best to draw your target market. Or you could hire a kick-ass advertising shop. No pressure though.